Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cigar adds to enjoyment

Joel Prunty, media manager – Part of a Canadian adventure for me is enjoying a good cigar. I’m talking hand-rolled and properly humidified.

Traveling to Canada you’d think…I should buy Cuban cigars. My advice, unless you visit a good tobacco store in a major city or the lodge you visit has a humidor – bring cigars with you.

Over the counter Cuban cigars in Canada are expensive and inferior to those from the Dominican Republic and Honduras available on websites like Thompsons, JR’s and Cigars International.

Shop around, my favorite cigar, Sancho Panza’s La Mancha is a double maduro (full-bodied) and varies in price on the websites I mentioned from $70 for a box of 20 to as low as $35. That’s a 50% difference.

On my trip this past summer a friend dropped 26 Partaga’s ($100 box) on us and we didn’t bring any home…I think my cousin Rod had four in one day. Enjoy.