Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Busy Days are Here - Packing and Mailing

The hum of the copy machine, the zip of the paper folder, the ring ring of the phone. Show time must be close.

The office is busy with getting all of the press releases, copied, folder, sealed, stamped and delivered. Not only do we at the All-Canada Show post press releases on our website, http://www.allcanadashow.com/html/mediaRoom/pressReleases.php, email all major media outlets for newspapers, radio, and TV, personally call all network TV stations and major radio stations, mail our media kits (including our full-color magazine to 150 outdoor writers), we also mail hard copies of our press releases (with a CD for convenience) to over 1,100 newspapers in 11 cities. It is a fun time of year. Keep watching for the All-Canada Guide in your mailbox. We mailed out St. Louis and Indianapolis already. Thanks to all of the helpers in the All-Canada Show office.

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