Friday, January 7, 2011

All-Canada Show and the Chicago Bears

Joel Prunty, the media manager for the All-Canada Show, said he thought it has been almost 30 years since a Bears playoff game affected the show in a major way. He said he expects many to plan visits on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

‘‘And for those Bear fans willing to attend the All-Canada Show on Sunday, we have three 42-inch plasma TVs and our 100-inch mainstage video — all of which will be tuned to the game,’’ he said. ‘‘Pheasant Run also has a great sports bar if fans want to come to the show early and then gather at Pheasant Run’s Club House to watch the Bears win.’’

As a point of reference, a Bears home playoff game in 2006 was the last to affect the same three shows. But that game was played late on a Sunday afternoon, when the shows were packing up. Before that, 1986 was the last time the Bears had a major impact on outdoors shows.

With all due respect to Prunty, who is a Green Bay Packers fan, the Packers might be the wild card in this. The Muskie Show, in particular, draws many Wisconsin attendees. There is a chance the Packers also will be playing on that weekend.

Because I gave Prunty the business, I’ll let him have the last word.

‘‘As far as the show being from Green Bay, let all Chicagoans know that show owner Jennifer Young is married to Jeff Young from Cary,’’ he e-mailed. ‘‘He and their son Brian are huge Bears fans. With a little luck, maybe it will be Bears/Packers III to get in the Super Bowl!’’

All-Canada Show

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