Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Trip to Canada

Editors Note: Conner and his family are friends with All-Canada's Steve Cegieski who's company Wolf River Expo is the offical decorator of the All-Canada Show.

By Conner - I had so much fun in Canada! I used the lime green Dardevle. I caught two northern Pike on it. Then I lost it because a fish snapped my line. I got a trophy perch with my orange Dardevle but it got off, me and my brother lost two 49 cent lures, but they caught all the fish. We were trolling for trout when we lost them.

There was a dog named Cooper in camp. He would sit at our doorstep when he smelled food. When I threw a rock out in the water he would bring it up with his paws closer to shore so he could pick it up with his mouth and bring it back to shore and bury it.

We explored an island with a cliff. We walked a half mile on a four wheeler trail to get to the top of the rocks. Cooper came with us. Me and my brother slid down an eight foot drop. Then we climbed a five foot slope. Then my family and I ran back through the rain! We saw a moose on the way back to our truck on the last day.

It was awesome fishing in Canada!

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