Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stone Sheep Hunt

By: Steve Cegielski, Operation Manager
Josh Meissner, my brother-in-law’s father, Jerry Meissner, experienced an awesome adventure this fall in British Columbia. He chased Stone Sheep in the mountains for a week. I received the following email from my brother-in-law describing the hunt. Take a look at that picture, that’s where I want to be some day.

Hi Steve

It was a horseback hunt with a lot more hiking and steep grueling mountains than he has ever been on before. He was glad the hunt ended on day 7, as he said his body had about enough. Elevation wasn't that high, maybe 6000 or so. Basically, flew to base camp, rode out (on
horseback) 3 hours to spike camp and hunted from there. They had chased this ram for 3 days, having bad luck the first two times - 1st time fog rolled in as they had closed the distance, and 2nd time a alone caribou went up the mountain right at the sheep and scared them off. 3rd time was a charm as they were heading up the drainage they had seen him in the night before.
They were only a half mile from where they left the horses when they stopped to shed some clothes. Just picked up their packs when Jerry spotted two rams coming right down the mountain at them, and it was him! A quick drop to the ground to get pack situated for a rest on an uphill shot was all it took. 160 yards seemed like 460 when the adrenalin's pumping and body is shaking, but two good hits put him down.

Josh, thanks for sending the story and pictures, always looking for a unique hunt opportunity in Canada to dream about.

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