Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traveling Moose

By: All-Canada Show, Operations Manager Steve Cegielski
December at the All-Canada Show warehouse means preparing all the equipment for our travels across the Midwest US is near. Our Locked at Lac Seul display of two trophy bull moose is ready to go for another year.

The moose display made its debut at the 2005 All-Canada Show, and has been on tour ever since. To my best guess the moose have traveled over 30,000 miles crisscrossing the country.

Thousands of show quests have had the priviledge of admiring the amazing mount, but only a few have seen the transport method used to safely transport the 4,000lb mount.

The moose are securely mounted to the base using 1 inch threaded rod running down each leg. The base is created of 2” X 3” steel tubing, which has 4” V-groove steel wheels mounted every 24” of the 24 foot long base. The V-grove steel wheels ride on 1 ½” angle iron flipped upside down to create an upside down V. To ensure vibration didn’t wreck the mount I used anti-vibration pads to connect the track to the trailer floor.

The Locked a Lac Seul display is slowly pulled out of trailer on the track….as the display comes out a series of 4 wheels on each side drop down to create a trailer floor height position. If trailer is positioned on level ground the complete moose display can be removed from trailer by one person.

During travel the base is bolted to track to prevent jumping off track. Anti sway bracing on the rear quarters of each moose keeps the mount from twisting and flexing. Direct straping of the antlers to each side of the trailer helps ensure no movement of the mount. So far so good, looks like many more years to admire the magnificent mount.

Come check out Locked at Lac Seul for yourself, check out website http://www.allcanada.com/ for a show location and dates nearest you.

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