Monday, March 22, 2010

Ice Roads not just for truckers

By Rodney Schlafer, Show Director - Many people might not know remote fishing lodges in Canada depend on the Ice roads to bring in supplies such as fuel, building supplies and non-perishable food items which are too costly to bring in by plane. Although it saves them money by driving in the supplies it is not without hard work hardship and danger.

One outfitter I spoke to says they will travel over 14 hours to go just a few hundred miles because of the conditions of the road. Many Ice Roads are used by transport trucks to serve remote communities. It also can be hairy driving on the lakes, you have to make sure you do not go too fast or you can cause a wave under the ice causing the ice to heave. The early thaw could have some scrambling to get in and out in a hurry.

Here are some pictures from Thunderbird lodge and outposts web blog of the ice road into wrong lake.

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