Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smallies on the Move

By Steve Cegielski, Operations Manager
Quality Bass fishing is moving north. The Canadian northern range for the Smallmouth Bass is about 100-150 miles north of the US border. That range has expanded northward over the past few decades.

I’ve fished Lac Seul regularly over the past 12 years and have seen an influx in Smallie numbers on each returning trip. Warmer and shorter winters has allowed the Smallmouth Bass to survive and reproduce in waters that previously held no Bass.

Our trips to Lac Seul we target Walleye and Pike, but over the years we’ve accidentally picked up the odd Bass while jigging or trolling. The first few years maybe one or two for the whole group, but over the years the numbers and quality smallies have now got me packing bass gear for the trip north.

Last year was the first time I actually targeted bass for a day. Numbers weren’t great, but wow, I never get sick of tackle busting 15-18” smallies. For now the smallies are expanding their range north, but a few hard winters in a row could bring the range back to southward in a hurry.

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