Monday, June 21, 2010

Joel Prunty – Media Manager, All-Canada Show - One of my favorite things about traveling in Canada is the chance to view some amazing wildlife. On numerous occasions I have seen moose, bear, whitetail deer and fox. On one trip I was pulled over on the side of the road getting a soda out of the cooler located in the back of the truck when a fox came running out of the bush to great me…I jumped in the back of the pick-up and closed the lid…it must of thought I was going to feed him…I did not take any chances.

And although wildlife is cool to see on the highway it can also prove to be deadly.
An adult moose can go over 1000 lbs. and hitting one with your car can cause some serious damage. I have never actually hit a moose or any animal for that matter with a car but I have had a few close calls. Here are some good tips on how to stay safe on the highway. The number one way is to SLOW DOWN.

The following information was provided by Brad Greaves owner of Ignace Outposts – Ignace Ontario.
Moose, Bear and Deer are thrilling sites on your visit to Canada, but occasionally...too thrilling. In many areas of Canada we share the roadway with unintended big game animals. Even though most accidents occur between 5-8 am and 6 pm to midnight, hitting a large animal on the road will ruin your trip at anytime of day. Here are helpful tips you can use to avoid an incident with an animal:
• Use high beams when possible
• Be sure your windshield is clean and your lights are working
• Scan the road continuously from shoulder to shoulder
• Be aware that in most animal/vehicle accidents the animal was “just barely” on the paved portion of the road
• At night, watch for flashes of the small glowing eyes of animals
• Wildlife crossing signs do actually indicate areas of increased risk
• Always slow down when passing wildlife – they may suddenly turn or dart into your path
• Remain alert after passing an animal, it may be with others or with young
• Never attempt extreme maneuvers to avoid a collision.
It may not seem logical but don't swerve to avoid an animal. It is often better to clip the animal than to loose control of your vehicle and end up head on in the other lane or rolled over in the ditch.
• Don’t assume the animal will move out of your way
• Watch your speed, KPH and MPH are different!
• Moose, Bear and Deer are large enough to activate your airbags when you hit them. Keep this in mind as you sip from a bottle or cup in the front seat.
• You don’t often hit the animals you see.
• If you hit a bear, do not stop to see if he is alright. A wounded bear is not an animal you would want to visit with for any length of time.
• If you come across a fox, rabbit, bird, or other small animal on the roadway, don't leave your lane. See the note above about swerving.

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