Monday, June 7, 2010

Shore Lunch…the best part of the trip.

By Rodney Schlafer - show director All-Canada Show - For me there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on a rock overlooking a lake eating fresh caught Canadian Walleye. Shore Lunch for me is always the best part of the trip. I like to mix it up bit between fried Walleye, baked fish or chowder.

There are many ways to cook fish on shore and it does not always have to be fried, however I would say that is my favorite. I have enjoyed walleye bake – a combination of walleye, onions and cheese wrapped in tin foil and cooked over an open flame.

Walleye Bake

I have had Northern Pike stir – fry complete with rice and all the veggies. Dijon mustard or Sesame walleye with a honey glaze are at the top of most unique!Sesame Walleye with honey glaze

And one of my favorites is fish chowder, it is easy make and is great for those cold rainy days on the lake to help warm you up – just remember to bring the spoons to eat it with…a few years back we forgot to pack spoons so we used removed the hooks on our casting spoons and used those. See pic below.
Eating Chowder with casting spoons

If you do not do shore lunch on your fishing trips you should. They are a great way to enjoy your time in Canada. If you need some recipes for your next trip shoot me an email, and I would be more than happy to share.

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