Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blue Walleye

Steve Cegielski, operations manager - While we were at Pipestone Outpost this summer we encountered unique walleyes. About 25% of the walleyes we caught that week had a distinct blue coloration, especially their dorsal fin and tail. Only one other time have I caught the so called “blue walleye.” At first the walleyes appear to be very dark, but once compared or laid side by side with the typical golden belly walleye the blue coloration stands out.

I’ve since researched the color phase walleye on Pipestone Outposts website. Check out this link to their website for some more inside info into the “blue walleye.” http://www.pfo.net/pfo_files/File/blue-walleye-article.pdf

With the sun angle just right they make for some awesome or should I say unique walleye photos. Some call it a prehistoric fish, I’m not sure that’s true, I believe it’s a genetic trait.

The article stated that the coloring is actually in the mucus of the skin of the walleye. I learned this first hand by cleaning some blue walleyes and the blue fish slim smeared blue all over my shoreboard. (fish cleaning table)

Curious if anyone else has caught the “blue walleye” any where else in Northwest Ontario? If so where and when?

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