Thursday, September 10, 2009

High Water in Red Lake Ontario

Rod Schlafer, Show Director - Starting out this spring the weather has been nothing close to typical. In Northern Manitoba ice off was extremely late and some camps opened 3 weeks later than normal. And due to the continuous rain this some summer water levels are also approaching historical high levels. I was reading a blog by Viking Outpost and Hugh Carlson actually had a fish swim through his motor shed. Check out Viking Lodges blog for pictures and story.

In my talks with outfitters across Canada it seemed like summer weather never came and water temps never reached normal levels, making fishing better in most instances keeping fish in the shallows. In mid August I found most of the Walleye’s on the lake I was fishing in 4’ to 14’ of water. Not typical of an August bite where fish should be in 20’+.
The weather was so messed up I was actually fishing the first week in August and found myself in a May-Fly hatch. Go figure!

Wet weather also means low fire hazard. I never once heard of a fire ban this entire summer in Ontario or Manitoba…makes for nice shore lunches!

Check out the photo of a camp in Red Lake Ontario, he said water levels this summer where 3-4’ feet above normal, a 30 year high!

It is now the first week of September and I actually had someone say it has been the nicest week of the summer! Pretty soon the snow will start to blow and this summer and its miserable weather will be history.

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