Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caribou Season

Steve Cegielski, operations manager – Caribou hunting is in full swing during the month of September. Quebec is the Caribou hunting meca of Canada, but a few years back I had the chance to travel to Northern Manitoba on a special Caribou hunt with Cabela’s TV.

We hunted at Nueltin Lodges, which is in extreme Northern Manitoba, so close you could boat up to Nunavut Territory. I had the chance to throw a rock into the waters of Nunavut, but we couldn’t cross the border because of license requirements.

Awesome hunt, at first you spend your time admiring the shed antlers scattered on every point and shoreline. Then we got down to some serious antler hunting of our own. We each tagged two caribou and camp as a whole had 100% success. If a successful hunting trip is what your after, caribou is your game….success ratios are high.

Even better than the hunting is the landscape…we were on the fringe of the tree line. One day we’d be in the timber and the next we’d be glassing endless miles of barren land. Barren land is a poor descriptive word because it leave you with a feeling of boring, but the barren land is beautiful especially in the fall. Now spending the winter there might be another story.

If you ever get the chance a trip to the barren land….treeless terrain is worth every penny. If fishing is your game make sure you take time away from the boat to hike the eskers to see the vastness of the land.

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