Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ultimate Fishing Town – Canada

Joel Prunty, media manager, All-Canada Show – There are just a couple more days in the World Fishing Networks (WFN) Ultimate Fishing Town Canada and Nestor Falls, Ontario, which I know well, is currently in second place. Nestor Falls is located on the east shore of Lake of the Woods and deserves all the votes they are getting.

EDITORS NOTE: Nestor Falls, Ontario came in second for Canada's Ultimate Fishing Town

In my mind the entire country of Canada is an Ultimate fishing town and I think the real vote should be Ultimate fishing Country because Canada would win hands down. Ontario alone has 100,000 lakes and Canada is the second largest country in the world and 90% of their 25 million people live with 100 miles of the U.S. border. That leaves a lot of untouched wilderness for us to explore.

Anglers and hunters looking for the best possible outdoor experience need look no farther than north of our border for unbelievable fishing and hunting experiences. Plus its affordable…what are you waiting for? Plan your next adventure today at www.AllCanada.com

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moose Hunters GET READY

Joel Prunty, media manager - All-Canada Show It’s been said you can describe Canada with three “M”s. MOOSE, Mountains and Mounties. Believe me, there is a lot more to Canada than those three, but it does tell you how important moose are to the Canadian identity.

Moose are absolutely incredible animals that can grow up to seven feet at the shoulder, 10 feet in length and weight over 1200 lbs. And, the antlers can grow up to 5 feet in width! They are also excellent swimmers and have a keen sense of smell.

Wolves are their natural enemies and moose are vulnerable in deep snow. Otherwise a mature moose can easily defend itself from wolves by kicking with its back legs and using their antlers.

Moose hunting is done during the rut when bull moose are actively looking for cows to breed. Hunters use a series of cow and bull calls to bring bulls into shooting range. Most Canadians hunt moose for the meat which is highly prized.

Friday, September 17, 2010

NOTO Convention is coming in October

By: Jennifer Young, All-Canada Show Owner

The All-Canada Show has been a strong supporter of many provincial and regional associations over the years. I believe that we have been a member of NOTO since the beginning of the shows almost 30 years ago. Now I am serving as the Allied Board President, and I am looking forward to the upcoming NOTO Convention. We have made it shorter than in the past, and it will be held in Dryden close to lots of lodges and camp. To all the Ontario Exhibitors, I hope that you are able to make it this year.

NOTO's 83rd Nature & Outdoor Tourism Conference
October 27th & 28th, 2010
Dryden, ON
Hosted by the Best Western Dryden Motor Inn
You will find below numerous links to help you register and learn more about our 2010 event!

Tentative Agenda
Registration Form

Host Hotel Information
To book your room at the host hotel please contact the Best Western Dryden Motor Inn at 807-223-3201 or 1-888-394-2378 before September 25th to get the following NOTO rates.

$100.95 - Single or $106.95 Double(rates do not include applicable taxes)

When making your reservation tell the operator that you are booking for the NOTO Conference.

NOTO Convention Page

Allied Member Exhibits
As part of the each NOTO Conference, we invite our Allied members to participate in our Allied Trade Show. This opportunity is available EXCLUSIVELY to our Allied Members.

The 2010 conference will take place at two separate facilities over the two day event. The daytime agenda on October 27th will take place at The Centre. At this facility, Allied displays will be set up in the back of the auditorium and out in the atrium.

On October 28th, the conference will remain at the host hotel, the Best Western Dryden Motor Inn for the rest of the agenda. Exhibitors will have the option to set up their displays at the host hotel for no additional charge. Be sure to indicate your interest in this additional opportunity on the reservation form at the link below.

Please complete the form and return it to the NOTO office by October 15th, 2010. We encourage you to reserve your booth in advance of the deadline to ensure you get a spot. If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Marcil at 705-472-5552 x24.

Allied Display Reservation Form

We want our Allied members to participate in conference. Join us at meals and take the opportunity to mingle and get to know the camp operators better. Allied Members are provided with a special "meal deal". Use the form listed below to register for meals during the conference.

Allied Meal Deal Form

Sponsorship Opportunities
Take the opportunity to help your industry organization and gain valuable exposure by sponsoring a coffee break, meal, or a number of other events and/or donating items for our fundraising efforts. To review the available opportunities click the links below:

Sponsorship Levels
Sponsorship Form

We hope you will join us in Dryden in October. If you have any questions about our conference, please do not hesitate to contact us at (705)472-5552 or by email at info@noto.net

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proper Release

Joel Prunty - media manager, All-Canada Show - Catch and release fishing – especially as it relates to trophy fish – is now standard practice for anglers. And these actions are greatly improving the quality of fisheries in Canada. The likely hood of catching a trophy these days is better now than anytime in the last 50 years and the main reason is catch and release.

The next major improvement in Catch and Release to come is survival rates and how to improve them. It does no good to release a fish if it doesn’t live and we still need to make major improvements on how we handle trophy fish. Here a few quick tips for handling your next BIG fish:

NETTING - Leave your trophy in the net and in the water, remove the lure then lift your trophy out of the net. (If you bring the fish into the boat it’s going to flop around and entangle itself more.)
HOLDING – Always hold your trophy pike and lake trout with two hands with one supporting the stomach. Never hold a trophy vertically with one arm.
ACT QUICKLY – Time is of the essence. You want to enjoy your trophy and get a good photo, but act quickly. A lodge owner once told me “think of yourself holding your breath under water…that is what fish are doing out of water.” While your trophy is being removed from the net, set up your picture to save time.
WEIGHT - Never weigh a fish by haning it from a scale...weight your fish in the net by attaching your scale to the net and raising it, the weight of the net is so small the reading is still accurate

Paying attention to these three tips will greatly increase the odds of your trophy surviving to fight another day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lost Landmark

By: Steve Cegielski, All-Canada Show, Operations Manager

Last Tuesday Vermillion Bay, Ontaio lost a landmark business. The Village Corner burned, taking out a great resturant and tackle shop visited by many anglers / hunter traveling up the Red Lake Highway (Hwy 105). I've personally eaten many great meals in the resturant and own my fair share of last minute tackle from the Village Corner.

Sad to see such a thriving business end, but hopefully rebuilding plans are already under way. I was able to have one last visit....last week Saturday I purchased a few trout jigs on my way north to Ear Falls. Little did I know three days later the building would burn. I did capture a few photos of the damage on our way south last weekend.

Good Luck to all Moose hunter getting ready to head north....Archery bull hunters are packing, and warming up their vocal cords to call in the massive bull moose.