Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Plan or Housekeeping??

By Rodney Schlafer 
Former All-Canada Show Director 

One of the first steps in planning a trip to Canada is deciding what type of trip to take. It is truly a personal preference and for me I like them all. There are basically two options for trips (however some have modification to appeal to different needs), they are American Plan (AP) or Housekeeping (HKP). The short answer to explain the difference is it the food.

The American Plan:
With the American Plan option your food is included in the price of your trip. When comparing trips make sure you compare Apples to Apples. Some lodges make their AP all inclusive including everything including your food, boat, motor, gas, and guide. Typically license and bait are extra, but again some do include those as part of the package. The AP is more of a structured trip with hours when the dining room is open usually with a few hour blocks to accommodate everyone. This package is great for those that want to relax and have everything done for them.

The Housekeeping Plan:
With this plan you cook your meals; most HKP camps have all the cooking utensils, you just need to bring your own food. Again when comparing your options know what is included as some lodges include a boat, motor and gas in their plan. This package is perfect for families with kids who may be picky eaters, or for those who enjoy cooking and want to save a little money by doing it on their own. It also lets you set your own schedule. Some lodges offer a Modified Housekeeping plan where you have the option to eat in the lodge for Breakfast or Dinner if you choose and you just take care of a lunch.

After you choose the plan, you next decision will be whether you want to drive-in, boat-in or fly-in…so what type of trip are you taking this year?