Friday, December 14, 2012

Fly-in Diversity: Six Lake, Six Species

This month's blog post is courtesy of guest blogger Tim Holschlag. Tim is the author of the highly acclaimed books, "Stream Smallmouth Fishing," "Smallmouth Fly Fishing" and his latest publication, "River Smallmouth Fishing." Tim has fished more smallmouth bass rivers than any known angler: over 300 different rivers across North America as well as dozens of lakes in both the United States and Canada. He is the creator and host of the popular DVD "Stream Smallmouth Fishing - the Movie" and has written hundreds of magazine articles for the major fishing publications. We are pleased to have Tim as a guest blogger - "Fly-in Diversity" is sure inspire anyone who loves to fish (and we bet those fighting "smallies" will be at the top of every one's list for 2013!)

Tim will be making a presentation at Indiana January 5, 2013, at the Indiana On The Fly Show. Join Tim Holschlag and other fly fishing and wing shooting experts for a day of "cast and blast" at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

The six lakes that are assessable to Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge offer one of the most diverse fisheries you'll find in Canada. Here’s just a sampling of some of my experiences at Slippery Winds over the past 11 years:

Yoke—You could probably spend the whole fishing trip on Yoke (some guests do).  This large, deep lake has a wide variety of habitats.  Northern pike are found near weed beds in about 15’ of water.  While some large pike are caught every spring in the shallows, more big fish, pushing 40”  turn up in deeper water near reefs and drop-offs, in summer.

Smallmouth favor rocky shores and reefs such as Luke’s Reef or the islands outside of Gary’s Bay. Walleye can be found on shelves or reefs near deep water, especially if some weeds are present (Marty’s Reef).

A good place to find muskie is none other than Muskie Bay, but they can also be found near points and reefs.  Some nice lake trout are present (including a few over 30”).  In Yoke's main basin there are several deep reefs (over 30’ deep) surrounded by 80’ depths, where summer lakers hang out.

Largemouth have increased in the past decade and now make up about 10 percent of Yoke's bass population.

Straw—Straw Lake is next door to the lodge and is a very good walleye lake.  It can also offer good smallmouth fishing when the fish are on the bite.  Smaller northerns are the most numerous fish, but there are also some very nice ones in the 28 to 32” range.  Straw used to be known for smaller walleyes, but in recent years plenty of fish over 25” have also been caught, too.

Sucan—Sucan Lake is the shallowest and weediest of Slippery Wind's six lakes, but the boat ride to get there is enjoyable.  A variety of wildlife including beavers, moose, and ducks can often be seen along the winding marshy creek.  Sucan is deeper and rockier near the south end and some good smallmouth fishing is available.  

Walleye are most numerous in the north section of the lake and anglers able to fish around weeds will find excellent 'eye action.  But be prepared for lots of northern under 24,” since Sucan has very high numbers of small pike.  Sucan is also the only lake you will find fair numbers of perch over eight”.

Bluffpoint—Bluffpoint Lake is the most difficult to reach, but can definitely be worth the trip.  It is a huge, deep, clear lake with high granite bluffs, islands, long open stretches and sheltered bays.  

Lake Trout can be found in deep water near drop-offs or bluffs.  Sullivan and Yoke probably have bigger trout, but they can’t match Bluffpoint in numbers.  By fishing 15’ to 30’ deep, lakers in the 20 to 26” range can provide exciting action even during June.

In early summer, largemouth bass (no smallies in Bluffpoint) may be found near the many timbered shorelines. And by late June, small weed beds develop in various bays and these attract high numbers of bass.

Northern pike are fairly plentiful in Bluffpoint and will also relate to the weed beds.  Most are under 26” and can provide steady action all day.  But our fly fishing guests have also caught numerous fat pike over 30” on big streamer flies.

Sullivan—If big pike are your hot button, Sullivan Lake is for you.  The fishing isn’t always easy, but no other Slippery Winds lake has provided trophy pike (35” or more) the way Sullivan has, including a huge 43 incher I caught on my first trip to the lake. Plus the pike on Sullivan tend to be fatter than the other lakes.  Look for weed beds near deep water.  Under the right conditions, trolling over deep water in some of the smaller bays often works.

Sullivan also produces good sized lake trout (including a few 10 pounders) as well as some big largemouth.  You need to work for these big bass, but using big lures and flies around the same weeds that hold pike will get them.

Crossroute—Crossroute Lake is the last of the six lakes in the Slippery Winds line up.  And its beautiful island studded lake where the pike and largemouth always seem to be hungry.   And the shorelines are filled with fish holding downed trees because when beavers blocked the outlet creek, a decade ago, shorelines were flooded.  Now these dead trees have toppled in, creating superb largemouth cover.  And summer weeds also develop so both the lake's bass and pike have lots of good habitat to relate to. 

Pike under 26” are most common but I've caught several well over 34”. And each year Crossroute pike sizes seem to be increasing.  The largemouth bass aren't quite as big as they are in Sullivan and Bluffpoint but they are numerous.  And try top water fishing first.  If it works, you are in for a treat!

As the co-founder of the Smallmouth Alliance organization in 1988, Tim's smallmouth bass passion extends beyond how to catch them. His commitment to conservation has meant a strong advocacy for protecting the species and the waters where they live. You can find out more about Tim Holschlag (including how to pronounce his surname!) by visiting his web site. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beat The Black Friday Rush!

The last of the Halloween candy is finally gone (don't ask ... but I'll bet you can guess where it went!) and we are now dusting off the Thanksgiving decorations and family traditions. In Wisconsin late November means the opening of gun/deer season and the annual Black Friday day of shopping.

If you are looking for something new for that sportsman on your Christmas list why not treat them to the All-Canada Show experience or better yet, take them to the show, and book a fishing or hunting trip to Canada?

For thirty years, the All-Canada Show has been the best place to plan and book your Canadian fishing and hunting adventure.  Purchase your All-Canada Show tickets for 50% off online available throughout the entire show season.  These tickets can be used at any of the seven cities where the show is held: St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Minneapolis.  

The All-Canada Show is more than just the best place to plan and book fishing and hunting trips to Canada - there is something for everyone in the family: attractions such as the 'Hanson Buck', a world record whitetail sponsored by Cabela's, a Musk Ox full mount, and a gallery of artwork by world renowned artist, Anthony Padgett. The All-Canada Show will have casting contests for kids on Saturday- just sign up when you are at the show! Select your favorite trophy fish and have your photo taken with a monster walleye or northern pike, a free hunting simulator sponsored by Cabela's, shore lunch will be served in concessions (for an extra price), and we will have an interactive Internet area in the show this year where you can post your photos on Facebook   In addition to the many great Canadian exhibitors, we will be giving away prizes - including a trip for two to Canada in every city, and offering seminars from the experts will be sharing their tips and tricks.

This coming year marks the 30th anniversary of the All-Canada Show and to help celebrate, longtime show sponsor Eppinger will be presenting guests who attend opening night with a free 30th anniversary collector lure. Kids will receive a 30th anniversary lure all show days.  You will also receive our free full color All-Canada Adventures magazine, and free maps and travel guides at our Travel Centre.  

Giving the gift of a Canadian fishing trip is a great way to spread Christmas cheer, and create a lifetime of memories.   That will be a gift that is not forgotten after January 1st.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cabela's Second Amendment Sale at Richfield Store Oct 18-23

We wanted to make our friends and fans aware of a huge event & sale our friends at Cabela's will be having this coming weekend - October 18 through 23 - at the Richfield store.

Cabela's will feature:

  • 10% off of used and Gun Library firearms in the Richfield store
  • 10% of NEW handguns (In Stock only) and Tactical long guns

There will be special pricing on select hard and soft goods items, shooting accessories, as well as some general outdoor products to make Cabela's your one stop shopping destination. Now would be a great time to get your scopes, choke tubes, slings, cases, magazines, hearing/eye protection, shooting vests, and other shooting items as well as much more. 

Cabela's will have staff on hand to mount scopes and show you the world's best optics. Also, don't forget the tactical equipment that Cabela's sells and will have on hand.

There will also have in-store seminars and demos throughout the day that are always popular.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All-Canada Show Winner From Madison 2012 Weighs In On Trip: Awesome!

For the past 30 years, the All-Canada Show has been the best place for Canadian fishing and hunting destinations. As we look forward to the ultimate, all new All-Canada Show in the upcoming show season, a letter of thanks arrived from the winner of the Canadian vacation drawing at the Madison 2012 show.

Richard Johnson's name was drawn at the Madison show. The trip was sponsored by Evergreen Lodge Ltd. on Eagle Lake, Ontario, in Little Neck Bay.

Eagle Lake is renowned for its trophy and eating size walleye and is one of the finest, if not the best, muskie lakes.

When asked about the trip, Richard's enthusiastic reply was, "It was awesome!" He went on to say it surprised all of his expectations and hosts were "absolutely amazing!"

Evergreen Lodge offers complete American Plan and Housekeeping packages to suit your needs.

All the cabins are fully modern and are heated with either propane or electric heaters; each bed is supplied with fresh linens and a cozy Hudson Bay blanket. For our guests who enjoy the autumn color in September or October can be assured total comfort in a winterized cabin.

At Evergreen Lodge we use 16 foot Lund boats with floors and permanently mounted swivel seats, powered by 25 h/p. motors, new each year. Our fleet of boats includes 4 pleasure craft guide boats and several 17.5 Deep V Lund Outfitters with electric start 40 h.p. motors, depth finders and live wells for upgraded packages. For those who wish to bring their own, we have an excellent  launch and shelter dock space with electricity. We also have available straight and mixed gas, along with live bait.

There is always someone on hand on the dock to assist you in preparing yourself for a great day of fishing. When you arrive home from your day of fishing, Evergreen Lodge personnel will fillet, wrap and freeze your catch; dry ice is available for your return trip home.

The highlight of the trip for our prize winner was … everything! "The all inclusive trip was the first I have ever been on in Canada." Johnson went on to say, "The cabins and staff were great and the food was excellent. Shore lunch was like being in a restaurant."

Now that is one heck of a table with a view!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thirty Years In The Making!

John Cleveland of Eppinger talks  fishing at the Chicago Show 2012

From our modest beginnings of two shows in 1984 to our current circuit of hosting shows in seven major Midwestern cities, the vision of All-Canada Show has been to be the BEST place in the world to plan and book fishing and hunting trips to Canada. During those 30 years, technology has changed the sports and travel industry but at the heart of it all is the vast Canadian adventure that a your customers yearn to visit. After thirty years as the leader in the Canadian destination marketing, All-Canada Show is pleased to announce The Ultimate, All New All-Canada Show.

Our show attendees know they are planning a trip to Canada - they just need to decide where to go. Imagine being able to exhibit year round without having to leave home. With our Online Package you can do just that. Judy Hendrickson, Uchi Lake Lodge in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, said, "In only 12 days I had over 600 people come to my website and over 80% were from" Join our website for only $1.25 per day for non-current exhibitors and only $0.89 per day for current All-Canada Show exhibitors.

For the past seven years Spectra Print, Stevens Point, WI, has been a proud sponsor of the All-Canada Show in addition to managing the printing needs of All-Canada Show. This year All-Canada and Spectra Print have entered a working sponsorship which includes coordinating the social media marketing efforts on behalf of All-Canada Show. 

Why Do I Need Social Media?

The short answer is: Because it's where everyone is!

According to Facebook, the popular social media site has over 500 million users. If Facebook were a country it would be the worlds 3rd largest ahead of the United States and only behind China and India. When you participate in the Online Package, we will post your content on our Facebook and Twitter pages, creating additional exposure through our established and growing network.

Our Facebook presence in 20 countries gives you the potential exposure to 330,000 friends and fans of All-Canada Show.

"Every single person who comes through the door picks up one of the magazines … we are in their hands and in front of them when they go home, even if they didn't get to visit with us at the show." Cheryl Pinette, Birch Dale Lodge, Eagle Lake, Ontario.

In addition to our two print publications the full-color show program, All-Canada Adventures Magazine, is now digital. Online Package subscribers receive the added advantage of having their ad linked to direct viewers to your website, providing you with additional year round distribution.

We have  a number of incentives to celebrate our 30th anniversary including lower booth rates for the 2013 season, special themed days and great hotel bargains.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Whitefish Bay Camp Photos as Featured in David Carr Post

On Friday, July 20th, we featured a letter on our blog from David Carr, who was selected as the fishing adventure winner at the Minneapolis All-Canada Show. David shared several of the photographs from the family's trip to Lake-of-the-Woods, sponsored by Peg & Bob Hunger, owners of Whitefish Bay Camp.

We've had a couple requests for photographs; Bob & Peg have shared photographs of Cottage 1, what the Carr family called home during their Canadian vacation.

Whitefish Bay Camp is located in the heart of Lake-Of-The-Woods in Ontario, a short 75 mile drive from the USA/Canadian border. In addition to fishing for Musky, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Bass, Walleye, Whitefish and Crappie, the Hunger's offer hunting for Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Moose and Duck in semi-remote (access by boat) wilderness setting.

The Hunger's maintain a blog and web site and also publish a newsletter, which you can subscribe to on their website. If you like what you see,  contact the Hunger's by telephone at 877-226-1211 or via email.

Friday, July 20, 2012

All Canada Fishing Trip Awarded at Minneapolis 2012 All Canada Show

David Carr, winner of the All Canada Show fishing trip, sent the following letter of appreciation and photographs. A very special thank you to Bob and Peg Hunger of Whitefish Bay Camp for the donation of the trip.

Our family was very impressed with Whitefish Bay Camp. Our trip was taken from June 25 through June 30, 2012. The accommodations were excellent. The owners could not have been nicer and more accommodataing. The staff was friendly and very helpful.

We were met at the dock every time we came in from fishing to help us land the boat and check to see if we needed anything.

The cabin had everything we needed. The refrigerator was clean, large and included a freezer section. The living room had a couch and a number of recliners. The bedrooms were large with closets and the beds were comfortable. Everything was very clean and well maintained.

The meals were excellent and included stir-gry, chicken, ham and scalloped potatoes, and lasagna. The breakfasts and lunches were also delicious.

The fishing was excellent! We caught a lot of fish so our 6- and 10-year old did not have a chance to get bored. Even when we fished in the afternoon, we were busy landing and unhooking fish so the children had a wonderful time.

Also we did not have to motor very far to arrive at a good fishing location. We managed to land a 29-inch Walleye and a 32-inch Northern. There was a nice sand beach nearby so one afternoon we went swimming.

We were able to see beavers, deer, a snowshoe rabbit, eagles, loons and pelicans in their natural environment which was a pleasant change from seeing them in a zoo.

We had a really, really, really enjoyable visit and are planning to return next year.

David Carr

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Plan or Housekeeping??

By Rodney Schlafer 
Former All-Canada Show Director 

One of the first steps in planning a trip to Canada is deciding what type of trip to take. It is truly a personal preference and for me I like them all. There are basically two options for trips (however some have modification to appeal to different needs), they are American Plan (AP) or Housekeeping (HKP). The short answer to explain the difference is it the food.

The American Plan:
With the American Plan option your food is included in the price of your trip. When comparing trips make sure you compare Apples to Apples. Some lodges make their AP all inclusive including everything including your food, boat, motor, gas, and guide. Typically license and bait are extra, but again some do include those as part of the package. The AP is more of a structured trip with hours when the dining room is open usually with a few hour blocks to accommodate everyone. This package is great for those that want to relax and have everything done for them.

The Housekeeping Plan:
With this plan you cook your meals; most HKP camps have all the cooking utensils, you just need to bring your own food. Again when comparing your options know what is included as some lodges include a boat, motor and gas in their plan. This package is perfect for families with kids who may be picky eaters, or for those who enjoy cooking and want to save a little money by doing it on their own. It also lets you set your own schedule. Some lodges offer a Modified Housekeeping plan where you have the option to eat in the lodge for Breakfast or Dinner if you choose and you just take care of a lunch.

After you choose the plan, you next decision will be whether you want to drive-in, boat-in or fly-in…so what type of trip are you taking this year?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 All-Canada Adventures Magazine is digital

The magazine is the show program for the All-Canada Show. Articles include a trip to High Arctic, the world's northern most sportsfishing lodge, a trip to Thunderhook Camp, Elk Island Lodge, and a Cabela's whitetail hunt. It has a map of Canada with contact info from each province and territory. The ads are all linked to websites. If you are looking to book a trip to a lodge or camp, all of the exhibitors are listed with their contact info.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012