Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Canada Bound

By: Steve Cegielski All-Canada Show Operations Manager
It’s the time of year I call the “lull.” Inland fishing is still closed, I’m tired of the river, and my Canadian trip is still a few months away. I can’t stop thinking about that first Canadian walleye. Our office discussions revolve around trips that we’ve all taken, past adventure stories that will live on forever. Over the past 28 years All-Canada Show staffers have taken over 150 Canadian hunting and fishing trips….every type of trip imaginable. Everyone has their favorite type of Canadian adventure. We all share the common bond to Canada, but each see the perfect trip differently. Some enjoy the remoteness of a outpost, while others relish in the service of an american plan lodge.
There are so many variable to the perfect Canadian trip to discuss with your group that sometimes fisherman get overwhelmed and give up. Don’t give up…just break down your trip priorities by answering three simple questions and act. Fly-In, Boat-In, and Drive-In should be your first decision -- affects price most drastically. Then your level of service desired….American Plan, Housekeeping or an Outpost trip. Lastly what’s your favorite speicies of fish….Walleye, Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie etc.
You can answer all those questions quickly and AllCanada.com can help you search out the camps that best fit your dream Canadian adventure. Make 2010 the year you act on your Canadian adventure….just plan the adventure and you’ll find fellow anglers to help fish.

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