Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Bear

By: Steve Cegielski, Operations Manager
Good Luck to all the bear hunters headed to Canada in the next few weeks. Spring is a special time in the bush, everything is coming alive. Spring bear hunting gives the hunter another excuse to feed the addiction - pursuing big game.

With the early spring and ice off being a few weeks early the bear baits should be well established. Most outfitters will have multiple baits for each group of hunters. Don’t get impatient and jump baits daily….wait out that big bruin.

Even with the early warm spring weather temperatures can fluctuate greatly this time of year in Canada. On one spring bear hunt in early June I arrived wishing I had shorts and t-shirts, but by weeks end insulated layering was required.

Remember to size the bear before harvesting….all bears will look big at first glance, but remember to use known objects as a way to size up your bear…..log lengths, barrel heights, and ear to head ratio. Of course we are all looking for that trophy of a lifetime, but before you even arrive at camp decide what kind of bear your looking for and stick to your plan. If your happy to come home with no less than a color phase bear than that’s the plan. But remember don’t pass a bear on the first day that you’d shoot on the last day.

As I mention how all things come alive in the spring….I also meant eagle sized mosquitos. But, if you’re prepared with the proper face masks and clothing you’ll enjoy the sweet hum of the mosquitoes, knowing that they can’t break your first line of defense.

Definitely make your hunt a combination adventure and don’t forget or overlook the fabulous fishing in the spring. You’ll most likely be one of the first guests of the year, and the walleye should be hungry after spawning.

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