Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wolf River Expo

By: Steve Cegielski, Operations Manager
Shows are finally done for another year. I know your thinking, haven’t All-Canada Shows been done for months? Yes, but that doesn’t mean my show schedule ended. A sister company to All-Canada Show was created a few years ago….Wolf River Expo. Wolf River Expo provides booths, tables, and chairs to other events after our busy All-Canada Show circuit is complete. I’ve been in show mode from January 1st until the middle of May. I now look at the show season as being 21 shows long. Yes, I’m glad to be done. The equipment can now assume its summer resting position in the warehouse, and I can get on with other summer tasks around the office, and warehouse.

Wolf River Expo provides high quality equipment, prompt service and competitive pricing. Check out our website if we can help organize any event in the future http://www.wolfriverexpo.com/.

Events completed just in time to plan my Canadian excursion for this summer. Hope to see you heading north this summer.

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