Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blackened Pike

By: Steve Cegielski

I've eaten a lot of shore lunches over the years…and traditional fried walleye, potatoes and baked beans is still my favorite. A fishing trip to Canada isn't official until I've eaten one.

There are many varieties of shore lunch in Canada including fish chowder, which is great on a cold rainy day, stir fried fish and vegetables is awesome too – plus you have every kind of baked fish imaginable. But on one trip I was exposed to something new and so good it is now my second favorite shore lunch.

After frying up some walleye our guide drained the frying pan and added a squirt of zesty Italian salad dressing. Then he pan fried bare northern pike fillets (no breading) in the dressing, boiling off the liquid and searing the pike in what remained…just scrumptious!   The main trick being – very little Italian dressing….not boiling the fillets, rather burning / blackening with the Italian dressing flavor.

This is now a staple in my shore lunch recipe collection. If you have a favorite shore lunch recipe…pass it on to us.

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