Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tips Learned

By: Steve Cegielski, All-Canada Show
Every time I travel to Canada I'm always on the lookout for new tips / tricks to add to my arsenal to create a better trip for myself and the Canada crew. Even after dozens of trips north of the border, I almost always come home with a few new ideas.
Guided adventures allow access into dedicated guides way of life...tricks they've been using for years, so I pay close attention. I watched and learned cooking techniques, boat maneuvering, fish cleaning secrets, and maybe the most important bird's nest removal.
Anyone who has ever cast a bait casting type reel knows how demoralizing a good birds nest can be....watching your buddy hit some amazing water while you’re out of the game with twisted line. I've mastered the bait caster, but still 3-4 times per week I forget to change the tension after switching lures and the next cast isn't pretty.
Well last week after one of those so called bad casts I found myself alone holding one of the best bird nest's I've ever created. After a few minutes I located the problem loop and all I needed was to pull the loop free and get back fishing. But the problem was the loop was buried in the spool and my fingers were to big to reach....Here comes the best tip of the trip....The guide tapped my on the shoulder and handed over a special line clippers with attachments including a small hook and pointer. Wow, I've got to have one of those....I think I saved 10 minutes of fishing. One quick hook of the loop and I was back in business.

I'm happy to report I've found just the tool this weekend at the local sport shop, now I'm ready to battle the birds nests.


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  3. My tip: put extra pair of wool socks for the fishing. Those absorb water well so you'll never get cold, even if you're fishing for hours! Old trick I've learned from camping during Fall/Winter :D(it's even more useful there obviously, since sweat gets cold really fast if stop to make camp. Good boots are also a good idea for this, I think my last pair was Salomons from Run United https://rununited.com/ )