Thursday, August 14, 2014


By: Steve Cegielski

By now, many of you have spent your week in Canada fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. Some of you are planning your next Canadian hunt and gearing up for Fall travels to the north. Whatever the trip, traditions are a huge part of what we do when traveling to Canada. Whether its where you stop on your drive to get across the boarder, what you bring, or what you do when you arrive at your destination. 

One tradition that was developed by the Cegielski crew for their biennial Canada trip is Steak night . My mouth is watering just writing - Porter House Steak. The steak tradition was started over ten years ago by my cousin Kurt on our first trip north of the border as a group, and now it’s just like Christmas….you bank on the last evening's dinner treat….steak night!

I'm sure you have traditions of your own for your group trips to Canada. Traditions are important…..give steak night a try this year! A
lways looking for new ideas in my Canadian travels….give me some ideas of traditions your group does annually.


  1. For the last 20 years we have done steak night on ther last night in Canada. We also do homemade pizza from scratch on Wednesday night. (need 1 pizza per man) WOW!!'

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  3. Haven't been a year that I haven't finished my folks during deer season. Traditions are traditions, you gotta keep 'em alive while you can. Once lockdown ended me and some folks are going to gun range every month(haven't missed a single one over the last year, hopefully will keep at it!) and testing whatever new is in stock or if anyone got something new. Recently been trying some of the "automatic" pistol from and in summer we had "lever" fewer and tried out a whole bunch of Henry, Marlins and other lever rifles :D