Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shore Lunch - It gets NO better!

by: Jessica Cegielski, All-Canada Show

This summer I had the privilege to travel to Northern Manitoba and experienced the best fishing of my life. As we were planning our adventure, I was excited to be going to Bolton Lake Lodge and even more excited that I would not have to cook my own meals while I was there (I know there are other moms and wives out there that appreciate this!). Over the years, I have had many opportunities to fish in Canada, but this was only the 2nd time that someone was going to take care of us...and take care of us THEY DID!

One of the most memorable parts of the trip was shore lunch. Our guides, Barry and James were the best chefs in the Canadian Bush, and the best part was the authentic wood fire that they cooked over. They may not want me to share their secrets, but on your next trip for an appetizer might I suggest: skewer your walleye, wrap it in bacon, add a bit of barbecue sauce and coat in breading before you stick it in the frying pan! Bon appetit!

P.S. Here is the proof that I enjoyed the fishing too!


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